What Christian Leaders Say About Globalbeliever.com

* "Globalbeliever.com captures Christ's heart and hope for world harvest. It has impacted me not only for missions, but for evangelism. The message of this book is a no-nonsense, balanced theology of world harvest. I recommend it. I applaud it. The church needs it!"
Dr. Raymond F. Culpepper, General Overseer
Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee

* "Grant McClung's Globalbeliever.com is both an instructional manual for innovative missions outreach today and a guidebook for journeys into the exciting opportunities of tomorrow. This book will help the Church meet the challenges of reaping the global harvest in an age that demands visionary strategies and approaches to the Church's responsibility for reaching all nations and people groups with the gospel message."
Timothy M. Hill
First Assistant General Overseer
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

* "Dr. Grant McClung in Globalbeliever.com challenges 21st century pilgrims to recapture a missiological understanding of the church. The Missio Dei identifies God's purpose to rescue, save, redeem and restore the world. This mission requires theological reflection, spiritual formation and cultural awareness. This fantastic book awakens us to God's work and guides us in “laying hold of that for which Christ has laid hold of us.”"
Mark L. Williams
Second Assistant General Overseer
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

*"Grant McClung certainly is qualified to author this excellent work on the global mission of the body of Christ. This book will not only enlighten the reader but it will broaden their vision for the people of this world who need the redemptive grace of God found in Jesus Christ. I commend this book to any sincere disciple of Jesus Christ who wants to take up the mission of the cross and reach those in need of a Savior."
David M. Griffis
Third Assistant General Overseer
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

* "Grant McClung is a true missionary in every sense of the word. Having been raised in a missionary environment throughout his life certainly enables him to have a vast knowledge of the Global Believer concept as it pertains to church leadership. He has chosen to share information from his life connections to involve and educate those reading this book so that their concept of God's work is truly global. I consider Grant a dear friend and colleague in the ministry and endorse his concept wholeheartedly".
Wallace J. Sibley
Secretary General
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

* "Having pastored the same congregation for 32 years and watching the culture change dramatically, I felt I was losing my grip on the “Great Commission.” Evangelism is not as simple as it once was. Dr. Grant McClung has helped me again strengthen my grip on our mission in the world in a simple and methodic way."
Loran Livingston, Senior Pastor
Central Church of God
Charlotte, North Carolina

* "Grant McClung is a personal friend and a faithful minister whose passion for sharing Jesus with the world is contagious. His practical insights are helpful for every believer to connect with the people in their personal world to make Jesus relevant. As a therapist by training, I appreciate his “people-centered emphasis as well as his “Christ-centered” focus. You will find his writing both intellectually challenging and spiritually dynamic to make you a “competent minister of the new covenant” (2 Corinthians 3.6)." David Cooper, Senior Pastor
Mount Paran Church of God
Atlanta, Georgia

* "Dr. McClung is a true missiologist. He has taken the time to research the issues facing the church’s challenge to evangelize the world. The strategic plan he presents in his book, Globalbeliever.com, is cutting edge, bold and precise. I believe in this project so much that our church purchased a case of books to distribute to pastors in foreign countries. This is more than a good idea: it is a plan that opens the door of world evangelization. It is a must read for anyone who is serious about fulfilling the Great Commission."
Bryan Cutshall, Senior Pastor
Twin Rivers Worship Center
St. Louis, Missouri

* "Globalbeliever.com provides an excellent theological, historical and futuristic journey into world missions, local evangelism and church growth for the 21st century. The models, strategies and insights offered by Dr. Grant McClung should prove helpful for any pastor desiring to have a real Great Commission impact on today’s rapidly changing culture. I recommend this resource to all church leaders and believers serious about having an effective global witness."
Mark Walker, Senior Pastor
Mount Paran North Church of God
Marietta, Georgia

* "Grant McClung's warm, engaging style makes this book a pleasure to read. His superb grasp of mission facts and trends, as well as the Biblical basis of missions, stimulates thoughtful interaction. The church's missionary vision will be greatly sharpened by Grant's analysis and prescription for the future."
Jim Reapsome, Editor at large
Evangelical Missions Quarterly

* "Globalbeliever.com is a trendsetting book for this new decade and century. As one of the foremost missiologists of our time, Dr. Grant McClung blends the insights of a careful academician with the warmth of a Great Commission enthusiast. His forecasts for this decade are exciting and on target. Here is a timely book for this kairos season of unique opportunity for the church, a practical book for “logging on” and connecting to God’s purposes, and an encouraging book that will refresh your heart with hope for the harvest."
David Shibley, President
Global Advance

* "As its name implies, Grant McClung’s Globalbeliever.com is as much on the cutting edge as the 21st century and the Internet itself. It contains a futuristic view of world missions that will challenge everyone, especially the Pentecostals and Charismatics. I recommend it for every Great Commission Christian."
Vinson Synan, Pentecostal Historian

* "In today’s world of rapidly expanding technology, the communications revolution is shrinking our world, providing greater opportunities than ever before for involvement in global ministry. This book shows believers how to present the eternal message of Christ to the new millennium’s “dot-com” culture. It is a must for enlarging the circle of ministry outreach in the 21st century."
Paul L. Walker
Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee

* "One of the foremost missiologists of the Pentecostal Movement, Dr. Grant McClung shares his burden for transforming local congregations into communities of “Globalbelievers.” In an easy-to-read fashion, he weaves solid Bible teaching, church history, mission theory and practical instruction into a blueprint for evangelizing unbelievers. Pentecostals, Charismatics, and evangelicals alike will be challenged by this guide to presenting the good news of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit."
Gary B. McGee, Professor of Church History & Pentecostal Studies
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, Missouri

* "Globalbeliever.com comes on the scene at a crucial time for Pentecostal mission efforts. If the power of Pentecost is to have its fullest expression worldwide, the realities described in Globalbeliever.com must be heeded. For local church leader and missionary alike, Dr. McClung has offered a negotiable pathway to effective Pentecostal missionary effort in the 21st century."
Byron D. Klaus, President
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

* "The distance between the actual working of God in the world and the knowledge of the average pew-sitter in our North American churches seems to grow wider each day. Grant McClung masterfully bridges that divide in Globalbeliever.com. Excellent graphics, easy-to-follow bulleted headings, great quotations, and practical “Resource Connections” at the close of each section make Globalbeliever.com an exceptionally useful book for use in an adult Sunday school, a small group, or an “Introduction to Mission” class on the college level. Globalbeliever.com serves as a great resource for mission mobilizers, mission pastors or mission communicators, because each chapter’s pithy outlines and summary sidebars can easily serve as outlines for seminars and sermons on missions."
Paul Borthwick
Development Associates International

* "Grant McClung functions as a service provider in this book, connecting pastors and members with God’s mission for a “dotcom” world. His insights and suggestions will help many to understand and be more effective in what God is calling them to do in His mission."
Gerald H. Anderson, Overseas Ministries Study Center

* "Dr. Grant McClung reminds us in Globalbeliever.com that from the very first verse and chapter in Genesis to the last chapter and verse in Revelation, world evangelization is at the heart of God’s revelation of Himself and His Son. I urge believers to read this book. It will broaden their vision and increase their burden for the lost of this world, particularly those in the 10/40 Window who have not yet heard the good news that Jesus is both Savior and Lord."
Lovell R. Cary
Church of God World Missions

* "Whether the reader is a new Christian just learning about the cause of missions, a pastor seeking material for missionary sermons or a veteran missionary following God’s calling and purpose, this book in invaluable.”
Roland E. Vaughan
Church of God World Missions

* "This book by Grant McClung draws from the Scriptures, missiology and history to give us many relevant lessons for this electronic age. Though broad in scope, his treatment of the various disciplines is deep enough to serve as a great resource for pastors who want their preaching to reflect the heart of God. Pentecost is placed in the context of history and missionary outreach to assist Charismatic leaders in integrating their tradition with the Redeemer’s constant movement toward all peoples and nations."
Paul McKaughan, Ambassador at Large, The Mission Exchange

* "Grant McClung’s book, Globalbeliever.com—Connecting to God’s Work in Your World, leads you into what God’s Word says about the world. The reflections at the end of each chapter ask you to take action—to initiate through practical living that which God has revealed to your hearts. Grant’s experience as a missiologist, his simple but profound writing gifts and his heart for the lost make this book a treasured textbook for all who seek to touch the world with the gospel."
Ron Williams, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

* “I will be referencing a lot of information from the book in the future. Thanks so much for giving us an up-to-date, easy-to-read volume on global missions.”
John Hull, President
EQUIP Ministries


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